2/24/2017 : 4:43 am

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Control the movement through the panormas and virtual tours

In the virtual tours you navigate by dragging the mouse to the left, right, top and bottom while you press the left mouse button. You control the speed of movement by dragging the mouse more or less.

You can control the movement also by clicking the arrow buttons (see below).

You can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel, with the Ctrl and Shift keys or by clicking the buttons "+" and "-" (see below).

Function of the buttons

Control the direction of movement

Zoom in and zoom out

automatic rotation (the sound will also be turned on)

back to the initial view

Displays the Quick Start Guide.
If available, additional information is also displayed ['red coloured i'].

sound on/off

Show and hide the hotspots 

Turn the fullscreen mode on and off

Show and hide the floor plan or local map

Show and hide the front elevation or season selector

Show and hide the GoogleMap to select other virtual tours

Show and hide a flat picture of the panorama

Hotspots and information panels

By clicking the hotspots ("pulsating" circles) you could "walk" from room to room. Of course, you can use the floor plan to navigate through one floor or the front elevation to change between floors. To navigate to another Palace, Garden, ... please use the GoogleMap.

By clicking the information sign "i" you will receive detailed information about the shown room or landscape. These are displayed as information panels. Close the panels by clicking on the word "Close".